Welcome to our Little Community

When we can't see each other face to face, we can chat and we can call each other. In order for this space to work, we will ask that you show wisdom and kindness to others. Don't use the space to get political or to pawn off some pet theology - do everything to build up the body of Jesus. In doing so, make sure that you refrain from sharing anyone else's story or information without their explicit consent. This site will be monitored a few times a day and we will remove content that breeches these guidelines of "loving one another." This area of the site is controlled by a password that has been shared with all members. Please do not share that password to anyone outside of Ministik Church.

That said - feel free to respond to update posts or step into some discussion in the chat room. Enjoy the chance to interact and check in regularly.


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A New Easter Poem for our Times

Here is a new poem by Malcolm Guite - it is entitled "Easter 2020." And where is Jesus, this strange Easter day? Not lost in our locked churches, anymore Than he was sealed in that dark sepulchre. The

Sunrise for Ministik

Unfortunately, we can’t be together this Resurrection Sunday around a fire near Cooking Lake. We encourage you to do something similar with those you are in isolation with in place of our gathering. F

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