Sunrise for Ministik

Unfortunately, we can’t be together this Resurrection Sunday around a fire near Cooking Lake. We encourage you to do something similar with those you are in isolation with in place of our gathering. For that, you will need a phone or tablet and some communion elements. We have put together a little video with scripture being read by Natasha, Titus, Luke G, Mark, Luke S, Tanya and Neal. There are also some great resurrection songs interwoven and a beautiful sunrise as a backdrop. Sing along and listen to the scriptures as you join together - there is space to celebrate communion and the whole experience will take 30 minutes. If you can’t find a bit of sunrise to do that, or you don’t want to get up quite that early, feel free to celebrate where and when you would like. Sunrise this Sunday will happen at about 6:39 AM, and perhaps a bit earlier in Tofield. That video can be found at

We would also love if you would take a selfie or small group shot of you and even your location and we will put that together in a video to share. We also want at least 20 people to respond to the question, “What does the death and resurrection mean in your life?” Film that and forward it on to Josh at  Right now we only have a few of these and we would like a lot more, They should only be a sentence or two long - say 5-30 seconds. 

Thanks so much, everyone. See you online this Sunday at 11 AM with a very special Easter egg hunt with Sandra, worship with Brian and a message of hope. 

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